Following are copies of several videos used in presentations.
Animated story of students reflecting boring teaching
RSA Animate presentation of Ken Robinson TED talk
TED presentation clip from Simon Sinek on Importance of knowing why
SNL classic education skit
Example of Quadrant D Lesson from Kennesaw
Phineas and Ferb cartoon clip on grading
Cartoon Clip of taking a test with hard question
Story of Needle Size Artist
Edutopia Clip on having students define assessment criteria
Humorous Look at Homework
Example of high school Quad D Lesson from Kennesaw Mountain HS
Example of Quad D lesson - high school, student video
Example of Quad D Lesson from AJ Moore Academy
Example of Quad D lesson - Coffe Shop - Kennesaw Mtn HS
Example of high school Quad D Lesson - Project Lead teh Way
Example of Quad D - Auburn Alabama, Early Education Center
Quad D example - Hershey Field Trip - AB Combs